Let’s imagine for a moment that all of the cell site leaseholders in America gathered in one enormous convention hall. Among the thousands upon thousands of people, no two would be identical. And, no, not just in the “we humans are all beautiful, unique snowflakes” kind of way. Think more in terms of background, socioeconomic status, fluency in business transactions, and familiarity with the wireless industry. Cell site leaseholders don’t fit a mold, and, frankly, that’s a wonderful thing. Any property owner—regardless of who they are, what they have, or where they come from—has the potential to become a cell site leaseholder and improve their financial standing. It’s one of the few business arenas where the playing field is in many ways leveled, as a potential deal is subject only to the need for network coverage in a particular area.

Because no two landlords are alike, no two cellular lease transactions are alike. And while one could choose to negatively interpret the variability, The Filo Group welcomes it. In fact, we pride ourselves on the ability to be adaptable and provide phenomenal service and creative solutions to each and every client. When you partner with The Filo Group, every transaction is educational experience for both parties involved.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder Paul Hwang explains how The Filo Group approaches client relationships: “When I sit with a client, I tend to see my role like that of a coach. I expect and appreciate that property owners (whether they’re current or prospective leaseholders) come to the table with different levels of knowledge and experience, plus different financial challenges and goals. We don’t just provide advice or representation; we spend a lot of time educating people about the details and the whys behind them.”

General Counsel and Co-Founder Josh Wade describes the legal aspect: “When we work with a commercial property owner in Manhattan, for example, she is probably accustomed to multidimensional business transactions of this nature and likely has her own legal representation, whereas a small-town farmer in Iowa may not be quite as familiar or have the benefit of counsel until he reaches us. Regardless, each of them can benefit tremendously from our experience and expertise in advising and negotiating these kinds of deals because the wireless industry, the law surrounding it, and related lease contracts are so highly complex and nuanced. We’re comfortable working with both ends of the spectrum, and we enjoy coaching leaseholders through the process to whatever degree they need.”

Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder Avi Padhye adds: “To make sure that clients feel informed and confident in their decisions, we thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of the deal they are considering from every angle as well as the ins and outs of the risks. It’s an ongoing, dynamic conversation in which they learn from us and we learn from them. Each exchange helps us to hone and perfect our service.”

To learn more about partnering with The Filo Group to ensure that you get the optimal outcome from your cellular lease transaction, contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you!