Cellular Tower Lease Extensions

Cell tower leases established in the 1980s and 1990s are now starting to reach lease expiration and carriers are upgrading their infrastructure, resulting in their assertive pursuit of lease extensions, or lease renewals. This situation presents a time-sensitive opportunity for increased rental rates and negotiated lease terms. But another contract means another opportunity for the carrier to write terms in their favor, not yours. These extensions should be scrutinized just as carefully as brand new agreements.

Lease extension negotiations are complex and require a balanced approach—you want to the highest rent you can get but being too aggressive puts the entire lease at risk if the carrier decides to bail. You want protection from tactics that could be potentially harmful to you and your property.

Carriers have experts on their side. Shouldn’t you? The Filo Group can help leverage your position as landlord to identify key provisions that need improvement and secure the highest rent for your benefit.

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