Cellular Tower Lease Buyouts

You’ve been receiving recurring rent payments as a result of your existing cell site lease agreement, and now you’ve gotten a lease purchase offer. This decision isn’t one that should be taken lightly—it’s an opportunity to turn income into real and immediate wealth, and the outcome could be life-changing. Should you accept the offer, this capital can be spent, saved, or invested any way you wish. Perhaps you’ll start a new business, pay down high-interest debt, or invest in vehicles with greater rates of return. The possibilities are endless. But before you start planning your dream vacation, make sure you understand the risks and don’t leave money on the table.

Lease acquisition companies want what you’ve got, but they don’t fancy negotiating with an adversary like the Filo Group. Why? Because we have the depth and breadth of industry knowledge required to negotiate the maximum purchase price and most favorable terms for you, the landlord.

With the Filo Group in your corner, you have a trusted partner to help you navigate the process and answer all your questions. What is the market value of your lease? The fairness of the offer? The effect of an easement or lease assignment on future use of your property? Should you pursue more cash up front or a shorter term purchase agreement? Rest assured that by partnering with the Filo Group you’ll have answers, feel fully informed, and make your decision with confidence.

Carriers have experts on their side. Shouldn’t you? A combination of vast experience, insider intel, and shrewd negotiation skills makes Filo Group uniquely equipped to maximize the value of your lease and set you on your way to a brighter financial future.

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