blog_5A cell site or wireless lease is a location on any given piece of property where a telecommunications provider or a tower company operates wireless communications technology. In order to have the right to operate such technology on this property, the telecommunications provider or tower company must have a lease agreement with the land owner. The lease agreement details the terms of the telecommunications provider’s lease of space for the telecom site. In exchange for the use of the space, the landowner receives compensation in the form of rent.
Uninformed landowners are at an enormous disadvantage when entering into new cell site lease transactions and renegotiating existing agreements. The end result is typically a document with tenant-friendly terms. To maximize the value of your lease and protect your property, you need an advocate on your side.

The Filo Group is invested in helping cellular leaseholders create and capitalize on profitable opportunities. Informed by a wealth of diverse wireless experience, we provide expert consultation to make certain that the cellular leaseholder has the information he or she needs to make informed and strategic decisions that are likely to result in more revenue under the lease.

With the Filo Group in your corner, you have a trusted partner to help you navigate the process and answer all your questions.

  • What is the true market value of my lease?
  • Am I receiving fair rent for my cell tower?
  • How can I ensure that I get the proper rent on the first day of my lease and in the future?
  • How will entering into a new cell site lease, a lease buyout, a lease extension, or another kind of wireless agreement impact me and my property, both today and in the future?
  • How do I make certain that I don’t agree to any terms that will restrict future use, sale or financing of my property?
  • What is the effect of an easement or lease assignment on future use, sale or financing of my property?
  • Should I pursue more cash up front or a shorter term purchase agreement?

Rest assured that by partnering with the Filo Group you’ll have complete answers to these questions and any others you may have. Feeling fully informed, you’ll be able to make your decision with confidence and be well on your way to a brighter financial future.

With expertise in site acquisition, development, and leasing as well as the legal and financial fields, The Filo Group is uniquely equipped to serve the needs of cellular leaseholders—both current and potential. Having been on the “buy side”—negotiating and buying cell site leases from landowners—we understand the inner workings and nuances of the business and are uniquely positioned to help our clients identify and avoid the pitfalls they may encounter (which are likely unanticipated without our counsel).

The wireless industry is complex and ever-changing. By no fault of their own, most landowners don’t have the information or representation needed to optimize the legal and economic outcomes of their cellular lease transactions. As a landowner, it’s not your business to keep up with the business—but it is our business and our passion to do so while leveraging this knowledge for our clients.

So, apart from our depth of knowledge and expertise, why should you choose to partner with us?

We established The Filo Group based on the principles of unwavering integrity, loyalty, and reliability. Our name is derived from the Greek word philos, meaning “friend and trusted confidant.” But what’s in a name? Well, to us, it means a great deal.

We are your helping hands, your trusted advisors, and your insider guides when it comes to navigating the choppy waters of the wireless industry. We put our many years of diverse experience and knowledge to work for you to ensure that you get the most money for your asset under the most favorable terms, and we’ll work with you in whatever way is most helpful. If you simply need a bit of advice from an industry professional, we’re happy to oblige. Need your hand held every step of the way throughout the transaction process? Even better.

Though we do provide expert consultation, we offer so much more. We advocate on your behalf to achieve optimal results (particularly financial results). We handle all of the various aspects of your lease transaction and will guide you from the beginning to the end of the process. Whatever you need to feel informed, comfortable, and confident—we’re here for you.

Cell site leases can be excellent sources of additional income for a landowner, but without proper information and representation they can come with drawbacks. Some of the many examples include an agreement that:

  • offers rent that is well below fair market,
  • locks you into unfavorable terms that limit your ability to use, sell or finance property,
  • unduly protects the cellular tenant,
  • further hinders you as the landlord and actual owner of the property.

Luckily, all these details can be negotiated with the right information and representation.

blog_5A Right of First Refusal (ROFR) is a clause that tenants almost always try to include in lease agreements. It restricts the lessor from selling the lease to a third-party company without first allowing the lessee to present a matching offer. A ROFR clause devalues a lease because most third-party acquisition firms won’t bother bidding when they know the tenant will only meet the offer. With fewer bidders making offers, you’re unlikely to get top dollar for your asset. A ROFR is just one of numerous terms that should be negotiated in order to modify the agreement in the property owner’s benefit.
Revenue sharing is sometimes offered by cellular lease aggregators that claim they’ll market your tower site and add other tenants, bringing in additional rental income for you, the landowner. Landowners are often seduced into selling a lease for less than what they should because of the potential for “future revenue.” Unless your lease specifically states that you’ll get a share of the revenue from wireless subtenants placed within the premises under the lease it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever see bonus funds, and if you do, it’s typically not due to the efforts of the aggregator. To ensure that you don’t fall victim to restrictive wireless lease purchase agreements, it’s always best to have expert advice from The Filo Group.
Site marketing services are supplied by third-party companies for landowners who want to secure a cell tower on their property. They’ll offer to market your location to wireless carriers and tower companies.
Despite having terms, rights, and specs outlined in a written agreement, many tenants go beyond the scope of and are out of compliance with the agreement. A site audit can help ensure that there is congruence between the entitlements defined in your lease and what is actually at your site.