Cellular Tower Lease Valuations

Curious about the value of your cell tower lease and whether you’re getting a fair price? The Filo Group can help by providing you with unbiased guidance.

Proper wireless asset valuation and appraisal is complex as each tower and lease agreement is unique. What another property owner may have been paid has no bearing on the value of another’s cell tower lease. Value lies in the potential use of your particular property to a company that wants to lease it decades into the future. Some factors involved in the process of cellular tower lease valuations:

  • Age of the tower
  • Structural capacity of the tower
  • Ground space availability
  • Location of tower
  • Location of competing towers
  • Current carrier tenant
  • Zoning protection

The Filo Group has evaluated hundreds of wireless leases and employs the latest and most comprehensive market data to assess your specific situation and lease agreement. Contact us to get more information about the value of your lease today and in the future.

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