Who We Serve

The Filo Group provides customized services and solutions to serve a diverse range of cellular leaseholders nationwide. With expertise in all facets of the wireless industry, we offer sound advice and trustworthy representation based on your specific circumstances and needs.

Please read on to find out more about how we partner with individual property owners, commercial property owners, non-profits and religious organizations, municipalities and public agencies, cellular tower owners, and investors.

Why Are We The Best?

The Filo Group’s mission is to utilize our unique expertise to support current and future cellular tower leaseholders, ensuring that they have the backing to make well-informed decisions for optimal outcomes.
The Filo Group’s name is derived from the Greek word philos, meaning “friend and trusted confidant,” and our philosophy is to approach every individual and situation with the utmost respect and goodwill. We have exceptional expertise in this business, and we consider it our calling to put that knowledge to work for our clients’ benefit.
Our success is intertwined with our clients’ success, which is why we promise to advocate for you ateach and every turn. Whatever you need to feel informed, comfortable, and confident—we’ll give it to you. No question is too small, no request is too large. The Filo Group feels proud and privileged to serve as your helping hand, trusted advisor, and insider guide.

Individual Property Owners

Commercial Property Owners

Non-Profit & Religious Organizations

Municipalities & Public Agencies

Cellular Tower Owners


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