The Filo Group is made up of experts who are committed to providing unparalleled service, trustworthy advice, and competent representation for cellular leaseholders.

As General Counsel and Co-Founder, Josh Wade is responsible for all legal and documentation aspects of the business, including drafting, negotiating, and promoting on behalf of the landowner to ensure optimal results.

Josh WadeHere, Josh talks about his pride and passion for The Filo Group’s work and service to its clients.

What makes you passionate about the work of The Filo Group?
I’m most passionate about our ability to assist both buyers and sellers by combining our complementary talents—sales, finance and legal. We come together to ensure that each of our clients makes the most of his or her rights under their wireless lease and reaches their respective financial goals.

For example, using the exceptional expertise of our three partners, we are able to accomplish the following:

  • We do a financial analysis of a wireless lease for a landlord using unique industry knowledge of market rent, equipment in place at the premises, and the area of the market.
  • To capture the most attractive deal for our client, we draw on our industry contacts to negotiate directly with a carrier or a buyer of the rights under the lease.
  • Using our legal experience and know-how, we take the transaction to close, documenting and conducting due diligence on the deal we have negotiated for the client.

All of this is achieved because the skills of our three partners are used in tandem, balancing and supplementing each other. This synergy results in an efficient “one stop shop” for the client.

What about The Filo Group makes you most proud?
I’m most proud of the exceptional work product that we put out on a consistent basis. We all hold ourselves to extremely high performance standards.

What about this business makes you want to get up in the morning, and what about it keeps you up at night?
I’m invigorated by how much you have to stay on your toes in this industry. It’s constantly growing and the technology is always changing, so there is never a dull moment.  We are a part of an industry that affects people’s lives—on a mass scale from the wireless consumer’s perspective and also on a very personal level when you consider the individual landlord. The financial benefit that the holder of a wireless lease can potentially realize is often a life-changing sum of money. Having the opportunity to be involved in negotiating such deals is fun and rewarding.

At the same time, what keeps me up at night is how landlords can sometimes be taken advantage of by their often larger counterparties, thereby drastically reducing the financial benefit a landlord may otherwise have been able to realize from their lease.

What do you personally bring to The Filo Group that is of most service to its clients?
The Filo Group’s clients benefit from my legal experience and expertise.  I have significant sophisticated commercial real estate diligence and transactional experience with a top real estate law firm. All of this informs my ability to advise a client as to what may be a selling point or a potential issue with respect to any given piece of real estate relevant to their wireless lease. Additionally, as former General Counsel to a wireless lease aggregator, I know what points are up for negotiation with respect to the deal being negotiated with a carrier. With me and my team on their side, the client can feel comfortable that he or she got the best outcome possible.

For more information on Josh’s background and previous experience, please visit our Meet the Team page. To contact The Filo Group, please call 310-953-9850 or email