Video: The value of expert representation

The Filo Group offers a variety of customized services and solutions designed to serve you—the cellular leaseholder or investor. In the ever-changing and highly nuanced wireless world, expertise and experience are invaluable. We provide advice and representation informed by a wealth of diverse experience to give you the information needed to make educated and [...]

April 7th, 2016|Blog, Videos|

Knowing the Needs of Carriers Can Increase Profits for Cell Tower Leaseholders

Take a look around these days and regardless of where you are—a gym, restaurant, subway car, or doctor’s office—large numbers of people are illuminated by the glow of their favorite device.  Americans are constantly using data-rich services, and we have come to expect the ability to connect anytime, anywhere. Consumer demand is relentless and mounting, [...]

March 29th, 2016|Blog|

Stocks Drop in the Wake of Sprint Next Generation Network Initiative Rumors—Is This Reaction Warranted?

In a previous post, we discussed Sprint Inc.’s Next Generation Network Initiative—a plan to overhaul its cellular network in an effort to cut expenses by $1 billion. The strategy centers around moving high-cost leased tower space from private property owners’ sites to less expensive government-owned locations. Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has been vocal about his [...]

March 22nd, 2016|Blog|

What Is the Value of My Cell Site? The Factors at Play in Determining a Rate

How much is my cell tower lease worth? If you’re a property owner who has been approached about signing a new lease or an existing leaseholder who has an opportunity to extend or sell your cell site lease, this is a critical question. While you’re probably looking for a straightforward dollar amount, the reality is [...]

March 14th, 2016|Blog|

Mixed Emotions about Selling Your Cell Site Lease? The Filo Group Can Help

If you’re a cell site leaseholder who has been getting a barrage of phone calls about your lease from various third-party buyout companies, you may be feeling overwhelmed. A ton of information is coming in from numerous parties, all claiming to have an offer you can’t refuse. The optimist in you may be excited and [...]

March 3rd, 2016|Blog|

What Is an Expert? 5 Essential Qualities and How to Identify Them

The Internet has changed how we seek and receive information, and there is no shortage of advice at your fingertips—whether it’s about business, relationships, parenting, what vacuum you should buy, or what restaurant you should try. These days anyone with a laptop and twenty bucks can put up a website, and a simple Google search [...]

February 25th, 2016|Blog|

Network Strategies Increasingly Include Small Cell Technology—What Does It Mean for Landowners?

As the demand for consistent wireless user experiences continues to explode, carriers must densify their networks and become more educated on optimal deployment practices. The wireless industry has been abuzz with talk of small cell technology emerging as a major means of network improvement, and these short range mobile cell sites are increasingly being integrated [...]

February 15th, 2016|Blog|

Sprint to Cut $1 Billion in Costs by Moving Cell Towers

Sprint Inc. has finalized a strategy for an overhaul of its cellular network that is expected to reduce expenses by $1 billion. The plan is to move its leased tower space from private property owners’ sites to cheaper government-owned locations. Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has been outspoken about his goal of becoming the first- or [...]

February 8th, 2016|Blog|

Making the Cellular Lease Transaction an Educational Experience

Let’s imagine for a moment that all of the cell site leaseholders in America gathered in one enormous convention hall. Among the thousands upon thousands of people, no two would be identical. And, no, not just in the “we humans are all beautiful, unique snowflakes” kind of way. Think more in terms of background, socioeconomic [...]

February 1st, 2016|Blog|

How Tower Industry Changes Can Benefit Well-Informed Landowners

2014 marked the first year that the cell tower business in the United States experienced a decline in active sites, according to analysts at SNL Kagan. This reduction is thought to have been the result of Nextel location decommissioning, as well as the closing of redundant sites resulting from the acquisition of Leap Wireless and [...]

January 20th, 2016|Blog|